Root and Wings was great for my son! He loved going and was excited each day to do a new project or continue with a project he had been working on. I was thrilled that his teacher was so responsive to his interests and ideas. She did a great job of providing him with inspiration while still allowing for his unique creativity to blossom. The small class size and home-like setting allowed him to feel very comfortable and really encouraged positive interactions with the other kids. I felt that he was always included and valued in this caring and calm environment. -- Lisa

Roots & Wings provided my kids an amazing nature-inspired experience! I loved the small class size, the nature explore classroom and the emphasis on creativity and imagination. I've never heard my kids talk so much after a day at school, they had so much to say! They became really invested in their personalized projects. They especially liked making bug houses and searching for bugs, picking berries and playing in the mud kitchen and watching a mama robin lay eggs, and they even got to see baby robins fly for the first time! This preschool, through Megan Haynes (teacher) provides a warm environment to learn and grow and the project-based approach in a beautiful outside classroom inspired my kids. Thank you Roots & Wings! --Katie

My boy had such a great time learning about how to make forts and tepees in such a hands-on, outdoor environment. The small classroom size meant he had plenty of one-on-one attention, and connected well with the other students and Megan, the teacher. The outdoor space creates lots of room for imagination, and my son loved them sandbox and the outdoor kitchen as well. All in all a great experience! -- Rachel