How to Make a Family Chandelier


Our wishing chandelier is up! This was a collaborative art piece we made with the parents and the children. 

During our Back to School night, I asked the parents, “What do they wish for their children this year?” They wrote down their special wishes on the strips of paper. As their teacher, it was important for me to listen to their wishes for the kids and think about how I can incorporate their ideas in our day.


Reflecting on their wishes, the vast majority of the wishes focused on friendship, cooperation, and empathy for others.  YES. YES YES. Other wishes to name a few included, “catch a crawdad, get their hands dirty, build a snowmen, and have fun learning!” The children then took the wishes and attached them to the bike wheel with wire and beads. 

I treasure this art piece and a visual reminder of the key work we do building relationships with families and taking time to reflect on what is important to our community.